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Pack the plane to ukraine

Providing Emergency Aid for Ukrainians in Crisis:

Medical and Humanitarian  


Pack the Plane to Ukraine is a Not for Profit organized in response to the war in Ukraine.  During this time of crisis, Ukraine is struggling with resources and access to basic supplies, both medical and personal. Pack the Plane to Ukraine has been collecting, purchasing, and shipping humanitarian goods and medical supplies to cities in Ukraine. Please help us continue the flow of desperately needed items to hospitals and to the large population of internally displaced refugees. Donations go directly to the purchasing of supplies and to the shipping costs related to the generous community and organizational donations. Pack the Plane is a 501(c)3 registered charity.

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 19,050 pounds of donated supplies shipped to date

Humanitarian Supplies: destination Lviv & Uzhhorod, Ukraine

diapers, food, feminine hygiene, soap,  shampoo, dental care, blankets, sheets, over the counter medicine


Medical Supplies: destination Kyiv, Ukraine (5 different hospitals in the city region)

Head lamps for OR


Sterile drapes/gloves

Feeding tube kits

Tracheostomy kits

Wound Vacs

15 sets of complete surgical instrument kits for trauma, vascular and thoracic surgery, 30 abdominal staplers, 5 large boxes of sponges, dressings and medical towels.

Total Raised: $52,000
Total sent: 19,050 pounds
Value of goods sent: $300,000, plus funding for 7 surgeons' medical mission to Ukraine


Co-founder Vitaliy Poylin awarded 2023 Northwestern Medicine's MLK Humanitarian of the Year Award

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June 2022: 7 surgeons (plastics, orthopedics, oncology, and colorectal) from Boston and Chicago finished 26 operations in a week, bringing medical supplies with them.

How Ukrainian Doctors In The U.S. Are Helping Overwhelmed Hospitals In Their Home Country - YouTube

Ukrainian doctors share stories from frontlines with Northwestern surgeon - ABC7 Chicago

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